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Company Spotlight UPDATE 5/15/2013

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MARKETCALIBER: Company Spotlight UPDATE 5/15/2013

For those of you who subscribe to our Company Spotlight Alerts, you received our latest email alert this yesterday evening on May 14th, for ImmuDyne, Inc. or IMMD.

Company Spotlight Recap:

Company: ImmuDyne, Inc.
Symbol: OTC: IMMD
Stock Price*: $0.32 per share


  • Is a leading research and manufacturing biotech firm, producing nutraceutical products, a sub-industry of biotech that has been experiencing incredible market growth.
  • Specializes in products containing Beta Glucan polysaccharides, compounds that have suggested the ability to boost immune system’s performance in clinical data.
  • Owns several patents that serve to protect its exclusivity in the beta glucan product market.
  • Announced the appointment of former Veritage President and CEO, Karen Kingston, whose past clients have included numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Meditronic, and Pfizer, as Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Announced 15-Month plan for growth, which includes introducing new product lines and expanding into new multi-billion dollar markets.
  • Technical indicators cross the board signaling a “BUY” action, in the short, medium, and long terms.
  • Holds a unanimous “STRONG BUY” recommendation from BARCHART.COM (as of May 15, 2013)

*based on previous closing price as of the time and date of original alert


After alerting our subscribers to IMMD Wednesday evening, IMMD surged this morning to $0.41 per share to set a new 52 Week High for the second straight day for a gain of over 28% form its previous session’s closing price of $0.32!

Already on the uptrend, IMMD broke past the $0.40 mark today! As the company continues to execute on its 15-month plan for growth as outlined just this past April, IMMD could continue to test new highs, to potentially reach or surpass $0.50 plus levels in the near term!
The technical indicators are showing IMMD moving well into bullish territory with a “STRONG BUY” recommendation from BARCHART.COM
Trading more than 10 times its 3 Month Average Volume in today’s session alone, IMMD looks like it is continuing to gain momentum quickly and could be strong and steady gainer of the summer!
We are very happy to have been able to bring your attention to yet another double digit single day gainer and continue to pride ourselves on alerting our subscribers to the very best of the companies that come across our desk or are identified in the course of our research through our Company Spotlight Alerts!

Congratulation to those who moved early and were able to take advantage of IMMD’s tremendous performance today, and make sure to keep watching as it could have the legs to extend its rally far beyond today’s session and into the summer months!

So don’t miss out on our next record breaking alert and make sure to subscribe to our Company Spotlight Alerts if you haven’t already!

For our current subscribers already enjoying our alerts, we’ll be sure to continue to research the market to bring you more exciting alerts like this one!

The Market Caliber Team

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