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Company Spotlight UPDATE 3/4/2013

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MARKETCALIBER: Company Spotlight UPDATE 3/4/2013

For those of you who subscribe to our Company Spotlight Alerts, you received our latest email alert this past Sunday for China YCT International Group or CYIG.

Company Spotlight Recap:

Company: China YCT International Group, Inc.
Symbol: OTC: CYIG
Stock Price*: $0.003 per share
Website: www.yctgroup.com


  • Sub Penny Chinese Company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of ginkgo and other dietary supplement products in the People’s Republic of China.
  • Market Capitalization* of approximately $88,000 USD.
  • Fully Reporting and fully audited company trading on the OTCQB.
  • Gross Profits of over $20 Million USD on Annual Revenue of $37 Million USD for period ending March 30, 2012.
  • Low float, positive cash flow, and over $53 Million in total assets

*as of the time and date of original alert


Since alerting our subscribers to CYIG this past Sunday evening, CYIG outperformed even our own expectations to become one of the biggest single day gainers in Wall Street history!

CYIG reached a day’s high in Monday’s session of $2.84 per share, representing a 94,550% gain over its share price at the time of the alert!

Providing a valuation scenario based on the company’s total assets alone, that showed a per share value of $1.79 per share, CYIG blew well past those numbers to reach an all-time high of $2.84 per share!

CYIG began the session to see an enormous gap up opening the day as high as $0.40 per share, before pulling back to $0.30. What followed was nothing short of amazing as traders watched CYIG break past the $1.00 mark and skyrocket to a high of $2.84 per share!

Even despite a huge gap up to start the day, CYIG performed well enough to give our subscribers the opportunity for an intraday gain of 610%!

In fact, those who were able to grab shares at the session low of $0.30 per share saw an 846% intraday run up!

While we pride ourselves on alerting our subscribers to the very best of the companies that come across our desk or are identified in the course of our research through our Company Spotlight Alerts, our most recent alert has set a new standard by far!

So don’t miss out on our next record breaking alert and make sure to subscribe to our Company Spotlight Alerts if you haven’t already!

For our current subscribers already enjoying our alerts, we’ll be sure to continue to research the market to bring you more exciting alerts like this one!

The Market Caliber Team

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